Mortal Kombat Conquest

Posted on June 9th, 2013

Mortal Kombat Conquest - QuanChi
“In each of us there burns a soul of a warrior. In every generation a few are chosen to prove it. Centuries ago, in a time of darkness and fury, that fate befell three strangers. A monk, Kung Lao; an exiled guard, Siro; and a thief, Taja, who have to defend our realm from the forces of Outworld. By fighting for their lives, by fighting for their honor and by fighting for their realm…in a tournament called Mortal Kombat.”

Primary Characters
Great Kung Lao: Paolo Montalbán
Siro: Daniel Bernhardt
Taja: Kristanna Loken
Vorpax: Tracy Douglas
Shang Tsung: Bruce Locke
Raiden and Shao Kahn: Jeffrey Meek

Conquest Episodes

  1. “Warrior Eternal (Part 1)”
  2. “Warrior Eternal (Part 2)”
  3. “Cold Reality”
  4. “Immortal Kombat”
  5. “The Essence”
  6. “Noob Saibot”
  7. “Debt of the Dragon”
  8. “Undying Dream”
  9. “Quan Chi”
  10. “Unholy Alliance”
  11. “Thicker Than Blood”
  12. “Shadow of a Doubt”
  13. “Twisted Truths”
  14. “Festival of Death”
  15. “The Serpent and the Ice”
  16. “Kreeya”
  17. “The Master”
  18. “In Kold Blood”
  19. “Flawed Victory”
  20. “Balance of Power”
  21. “Stolen Lies”
  22. “Vengeance”